The Event

Three months ago, the world ended. The dead rose as shambling zombies and began to attack the living. Society as it had been soon collapsed, survivors banding together for protection, or turning to raiding and attacking others. There was little time to begin to understand what had happened before infrastructure failed and all but local communication became impossible. As a result, little is know about the extent of the outbreak – how many have turned, how much territory they cover. Rumors persist, but little certainty.

You do know this:
Those bitten and killed by the zombies rise again to haunt the living. Even those who do not die from their wounds often suffer a debilitating infection for which there is no treatment. Some have recovered from the sickness, only to die of some other wound and rise again.

A large portion of the population has all but disappeared – whether they have fled, turned, or are simply lying dead in their homes, few can say with certainty.

Individual zombies appear aimless (apart from attack the living), or mechanically mimic rote activities of their former lives. They have been seen to form large hordes, however, which all appear to travel west.

The Event

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