Dead Letter Office

Session 3: On the road again


Our heroes took their truck-load of foodstuff back on the road. Natalie drove, with Ray and newcomer Jack riding beside her, while Felix and Bluedog hung onto the outside of the cab. The highway was strewn with abandoned vehicles and debris, but the roadway was clean enough for Natalie to pick a path – only once squeezing Felix uncomfortably close to the trees alongside.


Before long, the clear-enough path was blocked by a makeshift barricade, apparently constructed by local residents early in the zombie rising and now seeming abandoned. The team debated the best course of action, and settled on tearing a hole in the obstruction wide enough to get their truck through. Bluedog attempted to identify weaknesses in the structure that might aid in dismantling it, but was puzzled by its complex-though-shoddy construction, and advised just tearing it down. As he and Felix got started, the party spotted a group of zombies lurking in the woods off the side of the road. These seemed disinterested at first, but soon came closer as the work proceeded.

Bluedog abandoned his work to meet the zombies as they came in sight and Felix fired a series of ill-aimed shots in their direction. Ray and Natalie took up positions of relative safety on top of the truck’s cab and fired at their attackers from there. As the attack continued, and Bluedog took a number of heavy slams from the dead, Ray (thanks to Natalie’s binoculars) spotted several large creatures running towards them from the woods – wolves! Zombie wolves! The party managed to kill several of the first group of zombies before the wolves arrived and soon enough the road was littered with human and canine corpses – but not before Felix abandoned his unfaithful revolver for a length of rebar, and Bluedog suffered several nasty bites. The precaution of bashing in heads was once again taken.

No worse for wear – as of yet – Bluedog and Felix set to tearing down the barricade, and the truck was rolling again before long. Back at the ranch, the party nursed wounded legs and ammo stores for several days. Bluedog convalesced under Ray’s watchful care, suffering only one day of serious vomiting before recovering fully from his zombie infection, unturned.

During their down time, they discussed with resident biology professor Sarah Drake the oddity of large wolves appearing in Indiana – even considering the zombie apocalypse. They determined to pay a visit to the local Polytechnic, hoping resources – or survivors – there might help shed some light on the goings on.


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