Dead Letter Office

Session 1: Supply run

Our heroes bravely ventured forth to investigate a local grocery store and hopefully return with some much needed food and supplies to sustain their colony of survivors. Traveling south on foot, they followed a path Felix had previously taken to locate the store. Conditions can change quickly when the world turns to chaos, but the party was able to pick their way along the road for several miles. In a near-superhuman display of perception, Bluedog spotted a pair of zombies on the road ahead, devouring the corpse of a dog. Natalie approached quietly and was able to spike one with an arrow before the zombies knew their un-lives were soon to end. Assured by Bluedog that nothing else was within earshot, Felix and Ray soon laid them down with gunfire, but not before one managed to slam Natalie across the face. Felix’s trusty jammed in the process, but he was quickly able to clear things up. Ray promised to patch up Natalie’s wound as they set off down the road again toward their goal.


papercup_mixmaster papercup_mixmaster

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